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Seven Tips to Enjoy the Holidays without Compromising your Teeth

The holidays are most people's favorite time of year. Between parties, family gatherings, vacations, and delicious food and drink, fun and festivity is all over! Whether you’re at a holiday market, in the office break room, or the grocery store, holiday treats can be found at every corner. And while it is great to enjoy those holiday foods, over-indulgence in these sugar-filled snacks can do more harm than good for your teeth. So, Sunshine City Dentistry has provided some tips to keep in mind so you can still enjoy the holidays without compromising your oral health!

Indulge with caution

Everyone enjoys delicious holiday foods, yes, even dentists. But, overindulgence is cautioned. The more sugary drinks and foods consumed, the worse it is, not only for your overall health but for those pearly whites. You certainly do not have to deprive yourself of your favorite seasonal treats — but you should take precautions to protect your smile!

Drink plenty of water

After every meal or snack, drink plenty of water. Making sure to rinse your mouth with H2O will remove any food particles or residue that are coating your teeth. Drinking water also encourages saliva production. Saliva has essential minerals that strengthen tooth enamel and reduce damage due to sugary or acidic foods.

Brush your teeth

This seems to go without saying — however, brushing your teeth between meals is preferred rather than just in the morning and at night. If you can bring a travel toothbrush out and about, great! But, if that’s just not practical, refer to tip #2 — drinking water is a great alternative.

Avoid hard foods

Hard foods have the potential to damage your teeth — like peanut brittle, candied nuts and candy canes - be careful not to chomp down too hard. A holiday memory you don’t want is cracking a tooth because you bit down on a peppermint. It’s not fun, trust us!

Be aware when eating sticky or chewy treats

Many sugary foods also happen to be sticky (like icing, toffees, and taffy) They do a great job of sticking to your teeth and getting caught in crevices, which increases the chance of developing a cavity. Sticky foods can also be a problem for denture-wearers because they can destabilize dentures.

Drink with a straw

If you enjoy soda, coffee, and other sugary beverages this time of year, opt for a straw when you have the option, to avoid coating your teeth in the acidic drinks.

Be diligent about your typical dental hygiene

The end of the year is a time for us to have fun, rest, and recharge. But sometimes that means our routines go to the wayside when life isn’t on its typical schedule. Do your best to keep up with regular brushing and flossing and you won’t enter the new year with a new dental problem!

Hopefully these tips are helpful as you enjoy the holidays. For some, these foods may be avoided already — not because you really want to avoid them — but sweet, sticky, hard foods can cause pain, sensitivity and tooth problems if you are already experiencing dental issues. If that sounds like you, give Dr. Moccia at Sunshine City Dentistry a call to see how we can help!


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